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Authorship – Diane Darling, Jeff Cutler and Networking

This post originally appeared in JeffsNotes.com… Diane Darling is charming and upfront about her skillset and her mantras. She wants to see people succeed and has a vision in how that can happen. For even experienced networking and social media … —yes, there’s more—

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Book Author x 2

It’s really my third book, but who’s counting. This month I got another author credit when the book Age of Conversation 3 came out. The book was a collaborative effort with the authors listed below and was a lot of … —yes, there’s more—

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Bromances. Social Media’s Sordid Little Secret.

It’s not a surprise to anyone that social media professionals are supportive, intelligent and fun people. What might cause you pause is the secret bromances that flourish in this space on a regular basis. What’s a bromance? It’s the unabashed … —yes, there’s more—

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Words are piling up.

Not in the election, because by the time most of you read this you’ll have voted. No, words are piling up nicely in my quest to complete NaNoWriMo. Look over in the right sidebar and see the wordcount widget. It … —yes, there’s more—

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If the shoe fits…

About eight years ago I bought some really nice hiking boots. I don’t hike, but bought them to shovel snow at home and to do trail maintenance at mountain-bike destinations around Massachusetts. The boots were a size 9.5. I should … —yes, there’s more—

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