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Conference Content

December 2, 2010


My current assignments in covering technology and lifestyle events has me flying back and forth across the United States. So, it was a relief this week when I found myself signed up to cover two events in my home state. Both Gilbane and the Boston Auto Show are going on […]
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Strategic Partnerships. Are they all that and a bag of chips?

July 22, 2009


What do you think of when you hear “strategic partnership”? Do you envision Coke and a movie theater franchise? Or a mattress manufacturer and a chiropractor? Or even a spedometer design firm and the local traffic enforcement brigade? Whatever the alliance, it’s easy to see how some complementary arrangements develop. […]
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Of Road Trips and Social Media and a Little Responsibility

March 6, 2009


Jim Storer mentions in his latest blog post that it’s foolish not to begin a week of insanity, sleep deprivation and critical client networking with a few naps and then a few more naps to ensure you’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed for the challenge. He also implies strongly that some […]
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NPR. Jeff Cutler, Technology Correspondent – Here and Now.

January 14, 2009


In the past week I went from moderately famous podcaster, journalist and philanthropist to the echelons of household name…at least when it comes to National Public radio reporting. That’s right, NPR sent me to the Consumer Electronics Show to report on the gadgets that make Americans drool. I came back […]
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Running out of space. How CES taps your soul and hurts your feet.

January 10, 2009

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Actually, the Consumer Electronics Show isn’t nearly as bad as my headline. My feet are blistered (as is my wallet), but the people I’ve met and the pieces I’ve put together for various clients have been awe-inspiring and fulfilling, respectively. From the arrival Sunday – and please realize that we’re […]
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Softwariness. A response to Alex Payne.

December 25, 2008


As the world of computing changes, those of us who use computers in our personal and professional lives are faced with a variety of choices. Aside from the platform we use – Macintosh is my choice, but you’re free to use Linux or Windows – there’s a slew of software […]
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