Couch Conviction

February 25, 2014

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That when you finally take the time to plan out a visit to your local neighborhood therapist, the $.05 you spend (Peanuts reference) for this treatment results in you revealing far more than you ever intended. Subsequently, the police or a squad of white-jacketed clinicians are at the door and […]
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Tub Terror

November 14, 2013


That when you’re basking luxuriously in the tub, almost drifting off to sleep, the cat enters the bathroom and exhibits her usual curious behavior. As she’s shorter than the tub wall, she jumps up to see what’s going on in the tub and unlike most cats is unable to keep […]
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Terrifying Tickfestation

June 11, 2013

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That shortly after you lost a tick in the expansive family room in the house where you’re staying while your house gets renovated, you start to feel little tickles on your skin. This happens mostly when you’re napping in the recliner in that same family room – and it happens […]
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Pool Cover Calamity – A Memorial Day Fear

May 27, 2013


When you prepare the pool early during Memorial Day Weekend, that the semi-rigid cover you thought could hold your weight is thwarted by the pizza, beer and beignets you gobbled all winter long. As you slip quickly through the gaping hole into the crusted, chilly water – leaves suctioning themselves […]
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Wrong Shoes at SXSW 2013 – Zombie Feet Death

March 13, 2013


That in your impulsive decision to bring a pair of slip-on Merrell shoes with you to South by Southwest, you suffer some pain and swelling in your ankles and calves by your third day of walking around Austin, TX. And, instead of getting medical attention, you continue to attend events […]
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Sunroof Slashing – Death by Axe

December 15, 2012

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That when you’re watching the Geminid meteor shower from the front seat of your MINI Cooper with the sunroof (or is it moon roof because you’re looking through it at night) open, you realize that the factors that make for good meteor viewing also make for perfect horror movie scripts. […]
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