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LinkedIn App Upgrades For Smartphone & iPad Mobile Users

This post was written by Christopher Rauschnot and was originally posted to LinkedIn App Upgrades Get Real-Time Features For Smartphone & iPad Mobile Users. You can follow him on Twitter @24k & @24kMedia and the 24kMedia Facebook Page.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network with more than 175,000,000 members in over 200 countries, recently updated their Android and combo iPhone plus iPad apps, to entice mobile users for more engagement. Their website will be rolling out similar features to its users over the next few weeks.

Real-time is a must in today’s business environment and so is communications on social networks like Facebook. That is why LinkedIn released these app updates, with features such as a new notification system. The system alerts users when people accept your invitations to connect, likes or shares content from your stream, views your profile and more.

Company pages on the LinkedIn apps have also undergone a revamp to display current job openings, members that you are connected to and see official news.

Growth for social networks is coming from new users outside of the United States. The iPad app has been updated with new features along with languages, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Brazilian, Korean and Portuguese to keep pace. But they are not done yet, more languages and the ability to edit profiles from these mobile apps are coming soon.

As I had hinted at earlier, the website is integrating real-time features and notifications as well. A small flag and an envelope icon will be presented at the top of the screen. In addition, a red circle will pop up when comments, inMail, likes are received or when connections are established.

LinkedIn has taken huge steps forward by upgrading their mobile apps, revamping their website, while simultaneously paying attention to international growth. As more of their 175 million members on the service go mobile with their smartphones and iPads, finding a job or connecting with those who can help will now occur in real-time.

LinkedIn Slideshare presentation to see new features of the mobile apps.

Download the latest LinkedIn mobile apps for iPhone iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

LinkedIn Website Image Credit – The Nick Page | Flickr
[via Mashable, TNW]

Connect With Chris Rauschnot On LinkedIn.

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Finding Blog Content Topics

It’s been asked of me at every conference, Tweetup, Meetup and social gathering I attend. “Where do you get ideas for blog posts and articles?”

My mind isn’t an abstract mass of grey matter that comes up with brilliance non-stop. It need some jumping off points. And you can train your mind to do that too. So, where do the ideas come from?

The answer isn’t simple and it isn’t a one-size-fits-all one either. For each writer, the sources of inspiration are different because they can be moved by different events, thoughts and images. In fact, Allison (a blogger for BlogWorld/New Media Expo – among other places) just posted this piece that made me think up my answer to the question.

Here’s an excerpt…

I already posted this short list of the places I find inspiration most often – from current events, stories/parables, and kids/pets. But some days, those techniques just don’t work. So let’s dig even deeper and find more places to help get inspired to write. Here are the places I look for inspiration when I don’t know what to write about (and if you need even more ideas, check out this list of Brilliant Bloggers talking about finding post ideas):

1. Other Bloggers

When is the last time you took a day to catch up on your reading? When’s the last time you actively searched for new blogs to read instead of relying on your old favorites? What’s the last time you wrote a reactionary piece to something someone else wrote?

The list goes on to cover things like searches, analytics, YouTube, Twitter and even Pinterest. But I think the answer is even more expansive than Allison’s 12 Places list. I say you can find inspiration for a blog post or column or article anywhere. Content lives all around us. So, let me do a live, never-rehearsed experiment right now for you. I’m going to look around the room and come up with five topics in the next five minutes.

There’s a brass duck on my desk. I have no idea of its history, but it might make a good article topic or a column on why we feel a need to hold down paper with ornate weights.

Board games sit dusty in the shelves by the office entertainment center. While I’m not a psychologist, I keep some games on hand to stretch the mind. A cool article would be the introspection of how much we nest and how being in comfortable and low-stress environments with others (unless you’re playing Monopoly) can benefit your mood and creativity.

Speaking of mood, it’s raining outside. The recurring topic I get from that is how bitter and angry I get at the world when rain falls from the sky. No idea why, but it happens. I have no issue with bitter cold, darkness, snow, hail or other weather. Just rain. Has the rain short-circuited my mood wiring?

Is the age of the receipt fading? The pile of receipts I collect each day (and I’m a spender) grows all the time…but I don’t really do anything with them. I do my taxes by reading my checkbook entries and my credit card statements. Is it really that important to get these little slips of slippery paper that fade in days to unreadable markers of our path through life?

Food conventions are silly, but people adhere to them like a religion. Outside of brunch, you’d get slapped upside the head if you had cereal for dinner (as kids are allowed to do) or Hamburger Helper for breakfast (as you might find happening in colleges all over the world). How did we get so locked into these beliefs? Is it an American thing — some other countries make lunch the biggest meal of the day?

AND there you have it. Five quick thoughts that took about five minutes to develop. I can hash these out further and I’ll have five new posts. I think you can do the same if you’re observant and curious about the things, people and events around you. Allison has a point that it helps to look at different inspirational sources. I agree with her – and contend these sources are all within arm’s length.

Where do you get your ideas?

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Pin It To Win It – Pinterest Releases Android & iPad Apps

This post was written by Christopher Rauschnot and was originally posted to Pin This. Pinterest Releases Android and iPad Apps. You can follow him on Twitter @24k or his 24kMedia Facebook Page. Pinterest, the third most popular social networking site … —yes, there’s more—

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The Boston Social-Media Shake-Out has Arrived

Boston is considered by many to be one of the leading technology and social media communities in the world. Held in a similar light are San Fran, Austin, New York and DC. But it’s rarified air…and now that air is changing. The city is still a leader in the realm of social, but the people doing the real work are defining themselves and the industry.’

From what I’ve seen and experienced over the past eight to ten months, Boston has grown past its initial infatuation with social to the point where the tools used to communicate are now mainstream – at least on an individual level. It’s nearly impossible to find folks who haven’t heard of Twitter, aren’t on Facebook and who don’t ‘Google’ something with regularity.

What this means is that the social-media gurus are now having to prove their worth and skill. No longer are smart companies hiring anyone who can Tweet. They want someone with experience AND social media credibility and chops. Company HR departments have matured (read “WOKEN UP”) to where it’s not cost-effective to hire a warm body just because they know how to use BufferApp. Or give a contract to anyone who knows how to use Eventbrite and hold parties. Firms are now focused on real communication and their measuring stick is their past conversations.

In essence, the social pros who are getting hired are skilled in content, community management and training. For positions outside of social, companies now know they can adopt the NFL-Draft method of staffing and hire the best athlete for their team. Someone who speaks a few languages, knows marketing principles, has impeccable grammar and was socially adept during college has a far better chance than the guy who somehow has 20,000 followers and talks constantly in buzzwords like engagement and tools like Klout.

As people have been saying for years, me included, the shake-out has arrived. Those of us with real content experience, business skills and solid connections in the traditional world are in stable, good-paying, longterm postions. The folks who wear Plurk shirts to business meetings will be relegated to jockeying for free drinks and finger food at the next Tweetup, while the social media pros will be at events that don’t show up on any calendar, keynoting at conferences around the world, or working to create the next useful app behind closed and well-funded doors.

The days of free are coming to a close. If you’ve got the skills and drive, get yourself a job now before that last bacon-wrapped scallop is gone from the free [EDITED FOR SPELLING - thx to Steve Garfield] hors d’oeuvre table at some technology meetup.

Have you seen the same thing? Am I off base? Would love to hear your take.

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Communication Failures – Social Media isn’t the Culprit, Humans Are.

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 3.55.33 PM

When I learned Latin in Junior High School, I was truly astonished at how a new language was being imparted. Mr. Nionakis was gifted in multiple languages AND in how to get students to understand them. It was an experience in communication that I’ve yet to duplicate.

Flash forward a billion years to 2012. People are using dozens of social tools (likely only three or four) to share status updates and thoughts with various audiences. These social tools function very well because they have been coded to do so. Where social tools fall down is the same place all humans fall down – in true communication.

Right now, I’m a finalist in a Magic Hat Brewing contest. To qualify, I had to write a quip that fits under the cap of Magic Hat’s product (beer) and then be selected by the team. To win the contest and a Magic Hat-branded iPhone, I need to get the most retweets of my quip on Twitter. My quip is the last one listed – “My thinking cap is a @magichat #underthecap”

Sound simple? On the face of it, this proposition is simple. In reality, it’s not. And it’s because of poor communication. I found out a little while ago, the only retweets that are being counted are the ones of my original tweet (on June 22) and these retweets have to be posted using the NEW Twitter retweet function.

Trouble is, the folks at Magic Hat have been unclear about this and only said that any RT that is posted using a Twitter client is qualified. So, I took that to mean any traditional or new RT that is posted via Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or any other Twitter tool would work.

HERE’s a link to my original tweet on June 22

What Magic Hat SHOULD have said is that only retweets made using the new retweet function would be counted…as all the Twitter clients offer users the choice of doing a new retweet or a quote tweet. And for anyone who’s been on Twitter for more than four months, a quote tweet is the same as a retweet as it used to be the ONLY way to retweet a status update.

Is this the end of the world? Hardly. Is there a right way or wrong way to use social tools? I still contend there is not. Are people still horrible at communicating simple ideas? You betcha. Not sure if I’ll win the contest. Not sure if I care. But I am a bit miffed that I furthered the miscommunication of how to participate because the contest sponsor started the ball rolling by not knowing how to describe the functions of Twitter.

Some social media campaign this turned out to be. Although, Magic Hat has tweeted a grand total of only 4000+ times, so I should cut them some slack for not really knowing how Twitter works.

What do you think?

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Robert Kraft and Baseball Mitt Romney – All Smiles at Red Sox Patriot’s Day Game


One of the things I’ve learned in 21 years of freelancing, no matter how cool you think a photo or video is, it might just not pique the interest of the professionals who run the editorial desk at major news outlets. That’s why, after taking a bunch of shots today of Mitt Romney (presidential candidate) and Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots), I decided to just post them here on one of my sites.

If you’d like the original file, please contact me in the comments. I’m sure that nobody would be silly enough to just use one of these copyrighted photos without permission, attribution and payment.


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Ten Facts about Me – Twitter Meme; and other Social Media Ramblings

Earlier today, on Easter Sunday, I saw a tweet or two from Mark Dykeman that had the #10FactsAboutMe hashtag attached to them. They were interesting little tidbits about Mark and made me think that I should share some tidbits about myself.

If we’ve met, one of my regular comments is that we all can bear to learn something new about our colleagues, friends, partners and even competitors. Further, I have said repeatedly that we often fall short of this goal. One big example in this argument is Mike Langford and his career as a financial specialist. For years, very few people in the social media fishbowl even realized that Mike had a background in financial services.

But that’s neither here nor there. Just provides an example that you can know someone and not really understand where they are coming from or from whence their skills have evolved. So, I took Mark Dykeman’s task to heart and put up ten of my own facts for people to enjoy. Here they are…

Essentially, ten fun little facts about my life that give people a little insight into who I am and what makes me tick. Once these were posted, I went forward with my recovery from surgery (I had an operation last Thursday), mourning the loss of my father (he’s been gone one year this weekend and it’s still very painful as anyone might imagine), and my celebration of Passover and Easter with my extended family.

There’s your Easter update from my little quarter of this planet. What have you been up to?


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Gear Giveaway – On JetBlue NerdBird 1 – SXSW Prep

One of my colleagues and friends – friend first and colleague second, I suppose – suggested I stroll into my walk-in gadget closet at the Tiny Bungalow and collect some stuff to give away. He – Jim Storer is his name – also implied that I should distribute this gear on the Jetblue flight to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. So I agreed.

If you’re in the gate area or on the 8:45am Jetblue flight to Austin, TX tomorrow – that’s flight 1263 at 8:45 from Boston – then I’ll be handing out some of the following schwag. Please tweet at me or leave a comment on this blog post if you’d like to put in dibs for an item.

*Folks I already know who are on this flight include CC Chapman, Steve Garfield, Clarence, Jenny Frazier and Jim Storer.

Here’s the run-down to the best of my memory. I packed the gear giveaway bag last night…

Earbud accessories
Callpod charger
Staples Easy Button
Three-port extension cord
Dexim iPhone car charger
Fusegear phone stands
NautiCase for iPhone 4 (waterproof)
Keystone Marine Case for iPhone 4 (waterproof)
DryCase Tablet Bag (waterproof – fits an iPad)
LensPen cleaning kit with Sidekick cleaning pads
Multiple USB drives in 1GB – 4GB sizes
a brand-new duffle bag from CES 2011
and an umbrella I might keep for myself

So, who wants what? Tweet me or leave your comments here. See you tomorrow!

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SXSWi – Jeff’s Pre-show

My last visit to Austin, TX was in 2010 when I attended that year’s version of SXSW. I skipped the festival last year for numerous reasons and regretted not making the trip. I DID NOT regret having the extra $2500 to spend on food, tech gadgets and other toys instead of tossing it away on travel, hotel, booze and Thai food at 3AM with Mike Langford.

But, as last year’s event drew to a close I made the decision that I should be where the tech and interactive minds are as much as possible. Especially because I’m looked to as an expert in this field and I enjoy me some networking with the Twitterati. So, here’s the 3rd-person sharing of my steps, in a calendarized build-up, for this year’s event along with a quick (first-person) “what I expect to get out of SXSWi 2012. Enjoy.

March 2011 – Jeff wails loudly that he should be in Austin. He smiles because he saved $2487, but he still misses spending time with fun tech and social media folks. He also misses the barbecue and beer that is prevalent in Austin during SXSW.

Late March 2011 – Jeff reserves a room in downtown Austin for 21 days from March 2 through March 23, 2012. He doesn’t know what dates SXSW will fall on in the coming year, so he decides to take chance out of the equation.

April 2011 – Jeff calls his hotel – reserved for 21 days – and whittles down his stay to a mere seven nights. He still enjoys the smart rate of $249 per night at a top-notch hotel, instead of the prevailing $400-700 per night that is more common when you reserve a room anytime after August for the following year.

May 2011 – Mike Langford moves to Texas. This ensures that Mike and Jeff won’t be sharing the same room at SXSW and will therefore not kill each other. *The prevailing belief here is that Mike would have killed Jeff for his snoring. It’s a win-win for everyone.

June – Sept. 2011 – Jeff waits for JetBlue to put their March flights on sale.

Sept. 2011 – March JetBlue flights go on sale and Jeff buys a seat next to Steve Garfield on NerdBird 1.

Oct. 2011 – Nothing happens other than multiple conferences, speaking gigs, teaching sessions and other real-life ingredients. But we’re discussing the fairy tale land of SXSW, so these things don’t count.

Nov. 2011 – Jeff contacts the SXSW offices and asks them if he can use the pass he got in 2011 but didn’t use, for admission to the 2012 festival. They say YES! Jeff is ecstatic – and in his joyous response offers up his liaison services to the conference committee (thinking they’ll say, “no, that’s OK, we don’t need you” and he’ll get a free badge). That DOESN’T happen. They say they could use Jeff’s help and he is pressed into service, rendering his ‘free’ badge really not free as he has to work for it again.

Dec. 2011 – Feb. 2012 – Jeff works like a dog as a panel liaison. He starts prepping his liver for SXSW. And he contacts people like Aaron Strout, Peter Kim and Chis Anderson to arrange to see and hug them while in Austin.

March 2012 – The festival approaches quickly. Jeff joins Derek Peplau and John Refford in getting strategy together for their assault on Austin. Jeff also joins folks on a Google Hangout to discuss different events throughout the week. Finally, Jeff rents a banjo so he can practice during his downtime at SXSWi.

Goals and Aspirations…

For this year’s SXSWi, I’m looking to do five things. Yes, this is more than the three things your high-school English teacher said you should start with when writing an essay. Deal with it. SXSWi is a big event and three would be too few when it comes to goals. Therefore, I plan to…

1 – …collect and create and share content. Lots of it. I’m bringing a DSLR that I expect to have with me all the time. I plan to share photos to my Flickr site, videos to my YouTube channel and assorted content to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and maybe some of my blogs.

2 – …take in at least a few educational sessions and actually learn something about technology, the world around me and the people who are making things happen in the aforementioned world. This will likely require me to be at the Convention Center during the day, so that will also happen. Look for me there. I’ll be the one who looks like me and I’ll be wearing an Adam Cohen name badge.

3 – …enjoy some seriously good food. The BBQ, Mexican fare and other dishes in Austin are great. I expect that some of the people mentioned in this post will also join me for a meal or two. I will be sharing information about the food I eat via my Boston Food Fan blog and various social media sites.

4 – …film an episode of NomX3 with Mike Langford. The chemistry, the humor and the intelligence in this show is unrivaled and we’ve come up with a plan to continue the series. Join us in Austin for a live lunch taping of the critically acclaimed NomX3. To see any of our existing shows, visit NomX3.com where you’ll find 45 episodes of genius and good taste.

5 – …discover some new technologies, meet some new people, and do some things I’ve never tried before. I’d like to experience some bluegrass music. I’d like to run into Lance Armstrong. I’d enjoy talking about new tech gadgets with companies that are there to unveil their latest products and services. These things will be details here, over at The Gadget Reporter, or in video interviews that I’ll post to YouTube.

That’s about it in a nutshell. How do you plan to capitalize on your SXSWi visit? What, if anything, would you want me to search out and report on if you’re not going to be there?

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