Turning ideas into words is Jeff's specialty. From marketing and advertising copy to taglines and customer profiles, Jeff is an expert. If you are struggling to communicate with your audience, Jeff can assist you in fine-tuning your messaging, finding a way to use social to reach your community, or crafting collateral that drives business and sales.

Here are some examples of Jeff's most recent online writing and reporting...

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube. As the social media landscape changes, Jeff comments, reports and shares the information you need to have to keep pace with this changing environment. see all


In short, sometimes humorous, often inspirational passages, Jeff shares an occasional column on a variety of topics. Bad drivers, tasty elephants, bowls of cheese, worldwide events. Jeff covers it all and then shares it with you in posts that take about five minutes to read. see all

Food and Travel

Go away. But before you go, read what Jeff has to say about restaurants, resorts, airlines, conferences and the world. With experience that literally spans the globe, Jeff eats, drinks and takes in the world. Then he shares it with you. Use this blog to plan your next adventure. see all


Jeff uses his training as a journalist to share reviews on the latest gadgets. From mobile phones to Internet TVs to tablets to the technology in your new car...Jeff reports on it all. He even attends the global tech conferences like CES to ensure you get the news on tech here first. see all


If it scares you, it scares Jeff. The difference is, he writes about it. Two or three paragraphs about the topics that make your skin crawl and your mind race. Insects, poisons, disasters. It's all here...shared via Jeff's unique voice. Hang on! see all


Throughout the year - and peaking in July - Jeff covers the cycling topics that matter to real enthusiasts. The pinnacle is the Tour de France, but Jeff also covers other smaller classics and races all over the world. If you like to pedal or just read about amazing athletes and sweet bikes, click in and take a look. see all