24 in breakaway

July 14, 2008

Here’s who is about a minute ahead of the peloton in the breakaway group. We’re less than 75KM into the race, so this will most certainly change.

The 24 escapees began their move at the 10km mark. The riders involved are: Popovych (SIL), Cancellara (CSC), Gutierrez (GCE), Burghardt (THR), Augustyn and Cheula (BAR), Pozzato (LIQ), Le Mevel (C.A), Tosatto (QST), Dupont (ALM), Fothen, Lang and Wegmann (GST), Feillu and Vogondy (AGR), Freire (RAB), Fedrigo (BTL), Chavanel, Di Gregorio and Roy (FDJ), Bertogliati and De La Fuente (SDV) and Duque (COF).

That info courtesy of letour.fr.