A Different Style of Watching the Tour this Year – 2013TDF

July 14, 2013

In some ways, I’ve been spoiled. I’ve attended four Tours de France in person. I’ve recorded and watched innumerable others on TV and online. This has been possible because I run my own business and my schedule is oft-times very flexible. Not this year.

As you’ll notice, I’ve written only a few times on this blog and we’re into Stage 15 of the 2013 Tour de France. That’s because of a home renovation, more work than I anticipated, plans for a wedding and more. But I am enjoying the crap out of this year’s Tour. Here’s four reasons why…

1 – Each stage now holds more value to me because I haven’t had the time to watch every single moment and every pedal turn.

2 – The names and teams have changed quite a bit since my last in-person visit (except for that convicted doper Contador). So learning the new cyclists and their team makeup is really fun.

3 – The course has jumped around a bit. Instead of being a simple clockwise or counter-clockwise route, they’ve done a modified version of both. Starting southeast and then moving west, north, south and now east and north again, the 2013 Tour de France is almost a figure 8. Odd, but a neat way to get all the great landmarks in for the 100th edition of this great race.

4 – I’ve now got a network of friends who like the sport and understand cycling. Sure, when I was racing bikes, I was surrounded by folks who knew the sport, but that’s many years past and it’s nice to find just regular people who like and follow this sport.

What do you get out of each Tour de France? Have you ever been? What would be your dream Tour de France trip?