A Little Break

July 16, 2011

Sorry for my tiny departure during the past couple stages. I was away on business and was out of touch. MOSTLY because the application I’ve been using to stay updated – the Tour de France 2011 iPhone app – was abandoned in the same way 16 or so riders have abandoned this year’s Tour.

The company that created the app – and charged money for it – http://twitter.com/protourtips – won’t return emails and only had this cryptic message on their app news page…

What burns me is three-fold!

1 – I paid for this app, so it should be a little more stable than one I got for free (and by stable I mean I expect it to exist AT LEAST FOR 21 DAYS)

2 – I have the resources sitting right here on my couch to write and post dispatches about each and every stage of the race. I can’t understand how the group was doing it before UNLESS they were actively violated copyright law and running dispatches verbatim from other sources.

3 – I now have to scramble to get info you guys for the important stages ahead – even today’s 14th stage that I expect to blow the field apart.

So, I’ll soldier on alone….updates to come on today’s amazing stage.