An Open Note to Bicycling Magazine

July 24, 2008

The idiots at Bicycling Magazine who send out their daily Tour email don’t understand the protocol behind NOT spoiling the race result.

Day after day I get an email from them with the stage result trumpeted in the subject line.

I weep for the audience who hasn’t had the time to watch the latest stage and I shake my fist at Bicycling for not waking up.

How hard would it be for the people running emails at Rodale to just put – STAGE 17 Results – in the subject line instead of – Sastre Takes Yellow From Schleck?

That’s like telling other people who got booted from Top Chef or what happened in the latest episode of Burn Notice.

I know you’re living in Floyd Landis country and might not have the knowledge of how technology should be used. But let this serve as your friendly reminder that some people don’t flip to the last page of a book to see how it turns out.

Thanks in advance for fixing your methods.