Col du Galiber

July 23, 2008

At the top of this first hors category climb the results were as follows…

1. Stefan Schumacher (GST) 20pts – and 5,000 Euros for ’Souvenir Henri Desgrange’
2. Remy Di Gregorio (FDJ) 18pts
3. Peter Velits (MRM) 16pts
4. Ruben Perez (EUS) 14pts
5. Bernhard Kohl (GST) 12pts – at 4’45″
6. Thomas Voeckler (BTL) 10pts
7. John-Lee Augustyn (BAR) 8pts
8. Amets Txurruka (EUS) 7pts – at 4’55″
9. Kantstantin Siutsou (COL) 6pts
10. Carlos Barredo (QST) 5pts – at 5’00″

Schumacher, Perez, Velits and Di Gregorio lead the yellow jersey’s peloton by four minutes on the descent.

Even after Perez crashed over the side of the mountain!

Kohl has broken away and is the virtual leader on the road as of right now at the top of Galiber. More in a second, I don’t think the Kohl lead can last.