Cycling Cutlets

July 9, 2011

In some of my other column gigs, I have created a column format called Cutlets. Just little pieces of Jeff Cutler’s mind for you to gnaw on.

So here are some little cycling Cutlets for you…

37.2KM to go. Dry roads. Peloton is only 2:20 behind the nine-rider breakaway.

Cervelo is the code word for today in the IZOD Sweeps. Go here to enter.

I really like the yellow jumpsuits on the guys on the timing motorcycle – a bright yellow BMW.

It’s odd how so many of the motorbike riders and passengers drag their feet. Also, I don’t think I could ever balance on the back of one of those bikes to wield a TV camera or even a DSLR.

The big climb is coming and I expect that the peloton will blow apart today. Riders are anxious. Commentators are saying Vinokourov could be the winner today. Interesting.