Figuring Out the Remote

July 8, 2011

Watching two to four hours of cycling programming per day isn’t easy. And to make it a bit more efficient, I like to speed through the recorded stage coverage. Today, I figured out how to make it even better.

In the past – I think six – Tours de France I have always hit fast forward on the remote and sped ahead. Trouble with that is that the show info blocks the feed at the bottom of the screen so I’d have to keep stopping to get mileage and other info. In fact, when they run contests, they make it a point to hide code words and such in the bottom banner too. So I’d always miss the word of the day.

Well, now I figured it out. Just fast forward and then hit the EXIT button on the remote. It removes the info box and you can scroll ahead without anything blocking the view.

So easy, but took me years to figure it out. Yay!