Fireworks – late post about Stage 2

July 6, 2009

Stage 2 came and went and I was engrossed in the fireworks going on south of Boston, MA.

Our annual town display was last night and after I sped through the Versus telecast of stage 2 I promised myself that I’d blog when I returned from watching the explosions in the sky.

Didn’t happen.

Here it is Monday night – after Stage 3 – and I’m writing about Cavendish’s effort to win stage 2.

That’s right. Cavendish powered to the line after being launched by George Hincapie and others.

Here’s my take…

Aside from some early race jitters and a handful of crashes, this year’s Tour de France is shaping up to be pretty sedate. It mirrors some of the former tours where Mario Cipollini would win sprint after sprint until the teams got into the mountains.

Knowing now what happens in Stage 3, I can’t honestly hang onto my ‘sedate’ talk. But I will say that nothing has changed in my predictions. Go back and look at those if you want to know who I’m still picking to win.

What has surprised you the most or the least in this year’s tour?