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July 26, 2008

13:15 – Redant – “We’re racing for yellow…”

Cadel Evans rode the course early today, starting at about 10.30am. “We left the hotel at nine,” said Silence-Lotto directeur sportif Hendrik Redant, “and we were on the course after a bit of a drive. Cadel rode the entire course to make sure he understands what lies ahead today. He does it as always: paying close attention to all the corners and even stopping, turning back and riding some again to make sure he understand what the best path to take is.
“There were some corners that he rode three or four times.
“It’s a course that suits him and I’m confident about his chances. We know what we’re here for: we’re racing for the yellow jersey!”
13:10 – Evans Has Just Returned From Reconnaissance… recently spoke to the man who will be calling the shots for Cadel Evans who is due to start the time trial at 4.17pm. Hendrik Redant explained, “The course suits him with plenty of power pieces, sections where he can really stamp on the pedals. This is where he’s going to gain a bit of time.”
The Belgian directeur sportif will not follow any other riders from the Silence-Lotto team and is looking forward to the challenge that’s facing him this afternoon when he’s going to call the race for Evans. “I’ll be there in the car like I have been all through the Tour. Today it’s a little different but the atmosphere in the team is tranquil. Cadel is calm and I’m confident.”