July 12, 2008

In the middle of these updates it occurred to me that the television broadcasts thus far have been extraordinary. I’m not sure if people at the networks – specifically VERSUS TV – were reading my blog last year, but someone took note of my rants.

The thing that annoyed me most was that in nearly half a dozen instances the network ran out of time and didn’t show the end of a stage in their first broadcast of the day.

What sort of crap is that? If you’re televising a live sporting event you stay with the event until it concludes. You don’t go to a pre-recorded bull-riding show. Or some other crap.

This year they seem to have gotten it right. Through 7+ stages not once have they ended a broadcast early without showing the end of the stage.

Another star for VERSUS, but why did it happen at all in the past. Welcome to SmartTown, you’ve figured it out.