Special Treatment? Alberto Contador’s Drug Test Moved.

August 7, 2011

Life isn’t fair. We all know that, but it sometimes gets really annoying when it surfaces and stares us right in the face. After a Tour de France during which he seemed human – mostly – Alberto Contador is still on the legal block about his last Tour de France victory. You see, the powers that be found traces of drugs in Contador’s tests from the 2010 TDF win. So they raised a fuss and took action.

But – going back to my original point – he’s glitterati, the chosen one post-Lance. So his positive test was under appeal even as Contador raced this July in the Tour de France 2011.

Would that have been afforded a regular rider? Not hardly. If a regular guy – one of the other 197 riders – would have had to sit out the two years and missed out on a chance to help his sponsors with exposure and possibly podium at other races along the way.

Now, the Contador situation has been pushed back again and we won’t hear the verdict on Contador’s appeal until the fall. They say November. It will happen after the 2012 Tour de France route is chosen and well after all the other races of the season take place.

Not fair. Not fair. Not fair.

What say you? And in your comments let me know if you like Contador or not.