SPOILER – 12KM to go in Stage 14

July 19, 2008

It’s like a boxing match. If you follow the on TV, here’s how the online version showed up today. They missed telling us where and when Gutierrez got caught.

Freire has given Rabobank its first stage win in the 2008 Tour. He celebrated in green by beating Duque and Zabel to the line in Digne-les-Bains.
16:36 – Freire Wins The Day!

Oscar Freire has finally picked up the stage win he wanted so much. Not bad at all for a guy who insists he wasn’t in the peak condition only yesterday.
16:35 – ’Flamme Rouge’ – Columbia & Milram In Control…

Burghardt is leading Zabel in the last kilometer of the 14th stage. We’ll wait for the sprint and post the winner in a matter of moments.
16:34 – Escape Over

Chavanel will have to try another day. The peloton is now setting up a sprint and Valverde is following an Euskaltel rider who attacked at the 1,500m to go mark.
16:34 – Lead Just Five Seconds!

Chavanel’s advantage over the peloton is just five seconds. There are riders from Milram and Columbia trying to spoil his party and it seems that they will (again!).
16:33 – 3km To Go…

With 3km to go Chavanel is still in the lead. He was caught at this mark in yesterday’s stage but this time he appears to have a better advantage.
16:32 – 4km To Go…

Chavanel is still in the lead of the stage. Could this be the day that his attacking antics pay off? He’s tried and tried and tried and tried… etc. But never yet has he won a stage of the Tour. His advantage is 10″.
16:31 – 5km To Go…

Sylvain Chavanel has a lead of 10″ with 5km to go in the stage. The Columbia team is now driving the peloton. Cavendish has been dropped but they stated earlier today that Ciolek will be their ace today.
16:30 – Chavanel Attacking… Again

Sylvain Chavanel has attacked the peloton with 6km to go. He has a lead of about 100m and is trying his luck again just as he did yesterday.
16:30 – Gutierrez: Wins Most Aggressive Prize

The judges have voted Gutierrez the most aggressive rider in the 14th stage. He was caught on the final climb.
16:29 – Results Of Final Climb

The points for the final climb were won by:
1. Kreuziger (LIQ) 3pts
2. Kohl (GST) 2pts
3. Andy Schleck (CSC) 1pt
16:28 – Pereiro Leading Peloton

The peloton is being led by Pereiro. We believe Gutierrez has been caught although we haven’t seen any images of his capture.
16:27 – Evans Accelerating

Near the top of the climb, Evans has come through with a fast turn to limit his losses to the attacking riders that include Valverde.
16:26 – Cavendish Dropped

Cavendish won’t get his hat-trick. He has been dropped by the peloton on the final climb.
16:25 – Barredo Caught

The attack by Barredo is rendered void by the Liquigas team.
16:25 – 10km To Go…

Barredo has attacked the peloton on the final climb. He has caught Tirralongo and just passed under the 10km mark.
16:24 – Voeckler Chased Down…

Voeckler has been caught and passed by a rider from Lampre, Tirralongo.
16:23 – Gutierrez On Final Climb

Gutierrez is on the final ascent. There has been attack from Voeckler at the head of the peloton… ah, so that’s what the Bougyues Boys have been planning!

See? Well, Oscar Freire has won Stage 14 of the 2008 Tour de France.