SPOILER – Lots of big names dropped by FRANK SCHLECK

July 14, 2008

Here’s how it stands only a few KM from the finish…

Frank Schleck attached and is in the lead. Kim Kirchen was dropped. So was Jens Voight. Di Gregorio (who led at one point by more than eight minutes) has been caught. Oscar Freire was dropped. Valverde and riders around him are 2:34 behind Kirchen.

Holy cow.

If you don’t know Frank Schleck, he and his brother are in the race together on the same CSC squad.

Schleck won at Alpe d’Huez in 2006 and is a very consistent climber.

His weakness is time trialing, but if he uses CSC’s team resources, he could be a contender for a number of days until we get to the final time trial in the penultimate stage.

His finishes in the TDF have been 11th in 2006 and 17th in 2007.