SPOILER – The Second Climb – Oh, boy!

July 13, 2008

Here are how the top eight riders came over the top of the col d’Aspin

1. Riccardo Ricco (SDV) 30pts
2. Sebastian Lang (GST) 26pts – at 35″
3. Bernard Kohl (GST) 22pts – at 1’15″
4. David De La Fuente (SDV) 18
5. Vincenzo Nibali (LIQ) 16pts
6. Oscar Pereiro (GCE) 14pts
7. Denis Menchov (RAB) 12pts
8. Luis Sanchez (GCE) 10pts

That’s right. Ricco caught Lang and rocketed past him. Denis Menchov is in 7th and Oscar Pereiro was in 6th.

I’ll let you know if people were blown off the back of the peloton in a second. More to watch and read. Back shortly.