Stage 1 – In-Race Comment – Tour de France 2010

July 4, 2010

I’m watching the 2010 Tour de France on Versus and realizing how lucky I’ve been in the past to have attended and covered the Tour in person.

It’s different to sit here with a laptop open and listen to Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen when compared to sitting on the bank at the side of an Alpe or standing against the barriers at the finish of a stage.

There are under 10KM to go in today’s stage and like watching football (American) on TV, there is something to be said for having your own bathroom, control of the DVR, and access to the cameras up in the helicopters above the peleton.

*If you’re reading this and control the staffing of a group at any Tours de France, give me a shout. I would gladly lug cables, carry coffee and ride in team cars if you need a knowledgeable person on the ground in France next year or any year after.

Oh, by the way, the sprint is about to happen. Riders are 7KM from the finish.

Details to come in a few minutes.