Stage 10 Overview, Picks and Comment

July 13, 2008

Stage 10 is only 156KM long, but is tough tough tough.

It climbs over the Tourmalet and has a mountaintop finish as well.

There are a handful of climbs in the stage, but two of them are hors category and one is the Col du Tourmalet (as mentioned) that takes place about halfway through the stage.

If you’ve got a climber on your fantasy team, you’re in the money. Make your picks based on who is the best climber in the race. That’s why I think I’ll go with Oscar Pereiro or Carlos Sastre.

Gimme your choices.

And I seem to be a broken record, but I’m sure one of these stages HAS to break the GC wide open. We’ll see if two hors category Pyrenees climbs will do it.