Stage 2 – Prediction – Jeff Cutler follows the 2011 Tour de France

July 3, 2011

What’s going to happen today? I’m unsure. I don’t know the full strength of the teams. There’s been a shuffle of talent among the cycling squads. It’s seriously a puzzle to me.

But that won’t stop me from predicting the winners and losers.

According to the sources I’ve been following this year, the teams that should win will only get about half a minute in time over the last-place teams. So it can help, but it won’t do too much to the riders who need the time.

HTC and Garmin-Cervelo will be the top two teams. I expect that BMC Racing will come in dead last at 24 seconds back of the winning team. And I don’t think Saxo Bank will do measurably better – keeping Alberto Contador still about a minute back of the leaders.

Your thoughts?