Stage 5 – Watching it Late

July 6, 2011

Here I sit at 8:41PM EST in the United States. That means the madness that was stage 5 of the 2011 Tour de France is well in the books and nothing I say here can change that. I tried to avoid all spoilers during the day, but it seems that spoiler courtesy is something of a bygone era.

Everywhere I looked people were reporting the news of the Tour and seemingly proud to ruin the excitement for an audience that relies on time-shifted entertainment. Especially for an event that takes place overseas, time shifting is key to really allowing yourself to get immersed in the excitement.

I lament the fact that spoilers are here to stay, but I certainly will endeavor to warn you when they show up here. In fact, my writing demands from other quarters are such that many of my posts will be pushed live after the race of the day is over and often after the prime-time edition has started airing.

Other than that, the posts I provide will be analysis heavy and sprinkled with my opinions. I’ve also enticed a few other cycling smarties to take part of this blog for the rest of the Tour. I will also urge them not to give spoilers, but to share their deepest thoughts and emotions about the 2011 Tour de France.

So, let’s get right at stage 5…coming up.