Stage 6 Finish

July 9, 2009


David Millar is still leading the race at the 10.9KM mark, 1:07 ahead of the peloton.

The rain has slowed or stopped. The crowds are huge.

Millar is screaming down a long straightaway. Now 9.6KM left.

By the way, at 2KM to go there is a climb up to the finish. If Millar can get there still in the lead he has a good chance to be in yellow at the end of the day.

Crash at 9KM to go. Three riders in the crash at a left-hand turn. A slick white line and inattention caused the spill.

The chase hasn’t been distracted from their goal of catching Millar.

Big split in the field because of the crash, but the main riders are still in the front peloton.

Millar is now 7.6KM and is only 0:52 ahead.

Let me pause here. Does this serve any purpose for you? I mean, do you like reading my recaps or dows this blog serve a better purpose as a commentary?

I look forward to your comments.

OK! Another crash at 6.7KM and Tom Boonen is in the crash. Six riders went down hard.

Gap of Millar is down to 0:40 with 6.1KM to go.

4.8KM and 0:32 ahead.

Millar is hanging on!

3.0KM and 0:22 ahead.


The sprinters are coming and Millar needs to get to the base of the climb. If he can get there he might just hang on.

Amazing shots on Versus. If you haven’t watched any of the Tour yet, do it. The shots are in HD for the first time and it’s fantastic.

Millar is about to take his final turn and climb to the finish.

He’s climbing!

1.4KM and the lead is down to under ten seconds.

Millar is caught at 1KM!


Now everyone is shooting off the front to see if they can win the stage.

Thor Hushovd takes the win!

Holy cow. Good stage. Very cool.

Results? In the next post. I don’t think the overall has really changed but will let you know.