Stage 6 – Prediction – 2010 Tour de France

July 8, 2010

Perhaps you’ve not been watching the Tour. Or if you have, you might still realize that this year’s event has no real character yet. Not a character in the way of saying no one person has emerged as a highlight reel of passion or skill. No, character in the way you might feel about a holiday or an event or even a favorite vacation spot.

I don’t have any spark for the riders or for the race yet and that can only mean one thing…this race is about to explode. I say that looking ahead to Stages 7 and 8 when the race will in all likelihood be decided. So as we focus on Stage 6, I have but one thing to say… CADEL EVANS.

That’s right. He’s been lingering around and watching the sprinters. He’s been better places in finishes and in the overall GC than both Contador and Armstrong. And he’s got the skills to make the most of the next couple days and then hammer the coffin shut on Saturday and Sunday.

This is going to be fun.