Stage 6 – Watching it Live

July 9, 2009

Well, I’m watching it on TV, but live on TV.

This differs from a few of the other stages this year when I had morning commitments that kept me from the broadcast.

What do I think so far?

The riders are headed to Barcelona – here’s the description…

After Monaco and Marseille, the 2009 Tour stops at a third “great beacon” of the Mediterranean. The capital of Catalonia will host a prestigious new stage that will take place in the southernmost destination in Tour history. The last inclines on the heights of Montjuic should be more favorable to punchers than climbers.

What that means is that the riders won’t have to be climbing specialists to win this stage.

Here’s the map…

Hold on while I watch some more and give you my take on the stage.

Please share your predictions or comments.

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Back in a second.