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October 21, 2012

Lance Armstrong Slips Off the Pedals

A recap of the recent Lance Armstrong fallout and where things stand now from a number of folks in social media.

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Some donors to Lance Armstrong’s #Livestrong group say they want their money back, after USADA’s doping report. Breaking News
Antidoping Agency Details Doping Case Against Lance Armstrong …Oct 10, 2012 … Evidence put forth by the United States Anti-Doping Agency drew a picture of Lance Armstrong as an infamous cheat, a d…
yes, lance cheated, but why would you want your livestrong donation money back? it’s still going to CANCER. idiots.steven yeun
Lance Armstrong Alpe D’Huez 2001ogonzilla
Lance armstong shouldnt be bullied off his own foundation…he might cheated riding a bike but not in life…Jason thompson
Why are people still bitching about Lance Armstong? Ohh shit he cheated. He beat cancer and raised over £300 Million for cancer patients.High Flying Bird.
Tour Down Under 2009 Adelaide Australia – The Return of Lance Armstrongjwtpaine
26 people testified against Lance Armstrong – CSMonitor.comOct 10, 2012 … The report on cyclist Lance Armstrong released by the US Anti-Doping Agency gave accounts of his doping from 26 witnes…
It’s amazing to me how Lance Armstong was able to coerce his entire team into doping as well. If I were the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, I would look very seriously into stripping Matthew McConaughey of every Academy award he has ever…oh wait…never mind.Michael Callahan
Lance Armstong loses Nike promoton. #LiveWrongJohn Mercer
Three time Ironman World Champ Craig Alexander talks about Lance Armstong, doping & racing Konaromanmica
So Lance #Armstong cheated..OK…well now bike racing goes back to where it belongs…complete obscurity.SteveTroy
I feel for Lance Armstrong, after 7 back to back wins in professional cycling, his romance with doping which was neatly and carefully concealed over the years is actually becoming clearer. Floyd Landis implicated him in 2006 but he discharged his allegations as unfounded. He had battled testicular cancer to become a force to reckon with in the game and was adored by many. But with these latest developments, all that glory is quickly disappearing into thin air. Why did the authorities wait for so long to bring him down? Did it never bother him that he could have been exposed in one way or the other no matter how long it lasted? Sorry Armstong.Ethel Onoh
Lance Armstrong's legacy may withstand accusations – CNN.com3 days ago … Lance Armstrong's fans are standing by the man they see as an inspirational cancer survivor who has raised millions …