TDF 2014 Predictions

July 10, 2014

You know what’s easy to do? Yes, make a prediction on the outcome of an event AFTER the event has started. But in the Tour de France, that isn’t always a benefit. I was poised to write this article yesterday – before Stage 4 – and my choices were all mangled by the end of the day. So it’s now Stage 5 and I’m submitting my podium in Paris.

This may change over time.

I am not as rabid about the Tour this year as I’m sitting on my home soil and not in a Cafe in Provence like my colleague Ron Miller.

The World Cup overlap has had me a little distracted for the first few stages, too.

But now I’m paying attention and I believe when we get to Paris we will see these three men – in this order – on the podium at the end of the 101st Tour de France.

First – Andrew Talansky

He’s young, hungry and doesn’t know yet in his soul how hard this race is to win. He’s currently only two minutes back of the leader and his skills match up perfectly with the rest of the race now that they’re through the cobbles and the first couple sprints.


Second – Vincenzo Nibali

I plead a little help with this one. He’s been on the podium before and he’s currently hanging onto the leader’s jersey by two minutes over the rest of the field. He’s good in many phases of the race, he just might have to watch for Talansky’s Garmin team ganging up and putting a hurt on him.

Third – TOSS IT UP – Richie Porte or Alberto Contador

You all know how I feel about Contador, but I think the third spot on the podium is going to be between these two guys. Team Sky has a few mental issues losing Froome and not having Wiggins in the race. But I think Porte has enough in his tank to do this thing.

What’s your take? How excited are you about le Tour this year?