The Motorbike Madness – 2011 Tour de France

July 6, 2011

Today, in stage 5, there was one crash that involved a motorbike and a few cyclists. In fact, the highlights they ran on Versus showed a rider getting dragged by a motorbike on the road. But neither Phil or Paul would tell me why.

I looked at a few sites and found this report…

The motorbike driver of one of the Tour de France photographers has been excluded from this year’s race due to an accident which happened 77 kilometres from the finish of Wednesday’s stage. Danish rider Nicki Sørensen was riding on the right hand side of the peloton when a race motorbike came alongside him, hooked his bike and carried it away. The Saxo Bank SunGard competitor fell off and ended up at the side of the road.
Read more here at Velonation.

So, it was Nicki Sorensen and not Tom Boonen who was hooked by the motorbike and thrown to the ground. That was one of the craziest events of a day filled with insanity.

Stage 6 tomorrow. 🙂