Today’s Stage 6 – Into the mountains

July 10, 2008

Today’s stage of the Tour de France is number six in 2008. It goes into some slight mountains. Stuff I couldn’t ride, but most riders won’t have an issue with these little peaks.

The thing some riders may have an issue with is the length of the stage. Right after the longest stage of the Tour in number 5, they’re slapped with a nearly 200KM mountainous challenge.

The race goes from Aigurande to Super-Besse and is actually 195.5KM.

It’s the third time the Tour de France finishes in Super-Besse. The first was in 1978 and the most recent was in 1996.

You can learn more about this little ski hamlet by going to its Website – REALLY.

Chat more later. Probably during the stage. But remember, you’re safe reading my dispatches as there are no spoilers until 9PM each night.

It’s the Jeff Cutler 2008 credo. 🙂