Two Different Directions on Drugs – Contador and Armstrong

February 16, 2012

Within the last month or so, we in the cycling world have witnessed two things…

Alberto Contador was finally taken to task for his doping in the 2010 Tour de France and has been suspended for two years retroactively. He’ll be able to compete this summer if he doesn’t delay things with even more legal machinations.

Lance Armstrong was let loose by the US Department of Justice and it seems that all American investigations into any doping allegations will cease.

My take on these two things…GREAT. Let’s stop running witch hunts and goose chases when there’s little to no evidence. Let’s also act swiftly and decisively in the future. It’s not like we don’t have the technology to find out if people are taking drugs in sports. It’s not as if protracted investigations help anyone.

Instead of taking more than a year to find someone guilty and more than a few years to exonerate (or at least declare no findings), let’s get this stuff done fast. So much for the poor shmoe (Andy Schleck) who will now go down as the winner of the 2010 Tour de France. So much for the fans who are tired of this circus and just want to watch some cycling. And so much for the sponsors who make much of the sport possible.

I want us to start looking ahead to the 2012 racing season with a clean slate. No Contador this season in the big races. Lance is off preventing cancer and raising awareness. Let’s get back on track and focus on the riders and teams who are still gearing up.

For one, I’m excited about this year’s Tour. I can’t wait to watch Paris Roubaix. And I’m hoping to see some cool action in the Olympics in London.

What have recent events done to whet or quell your appetite for our favorite sport?