Watching the Tour de France 2011

July 3, 2011

I’ve got Versus on my flatscreen and I’m watching the recap of yesterday’s race. Holy crap was the crash at 9KM a vision of carnage!

Now I understand how stage 1 ended up the way it did. As reported yesterday – because I was following along via an iPhone app and not video – I THOUGHT Andy Schleck and Contador went down in the crash at 9KM to go. They did not. It seems that Contador was kept back by the crash, but didn’t go down.

And when Andy Schleck did go down in the crash with 2KM to go, he ended up with the same finish as the field.

According to the commentators at Versus, the 1:14 deficit Contador has lost to Schleck could be the margin of victory this year. In fact, last year, Contador won by a mere :39 over Schleck. So, there’s lots to think about for 2011.

Now, I’m going to watch today’s Team Time Trial. Back shortly!