What did I say?

July 7, 2009

Have you been reading this blog from the start of the Tour?

If so, you might remember my predictions four days ago.

If not, go back there and look.

THEN come back here and read my take on stage 4 – the Team Time Trial.


OK. As expected, Team AstanĂ  rode a fantastic time trial and took chunks of time out of other teams and cemented their place as the team to beat this year.

Remember, we’re only on stage 4 and tomorrow is my prediction for Contador’s abandonment of the 2009 Tour de France. So, without Alberto things might be a little more difficult. But that leaves the path paved for one Mr. Armstrong.

Oh, did you look at the standings after today’s stage? If not, I think you might notice that Lance is SECOND in the overall standings.

What controversy?

Sites are reporting that there’s already some infighting and that Lance is acting as if it’s now his team. Even though Contador is only a handful of seconds behind in the GC.

What’s your take?


Should the team wait a week before deciding?

I say wait a day or two more, but Team AstanĂ  better move forward with ONE RIDER when they hit the mountains. That way they’ll be poised to win with a different rider if the leader has an issue in stage 11 or so.

Please share your thoughts now that seven-time winner Lance Armstrong is now in a position to win his eighth.

I say wow. And I also say I’m a genius.