Where’s the Power?

July 14, 2009

Last night – or early this morning – the power went out at my house. More specifically, the CABLE WENT OUT.

It was only down for a grand total of a minute, but that was enough time to wipe out the DVR’s memory.

I spent ten frantic minutes trying to remember what channel Versus was on and was completely worried that I might miss the live version of today’s broadcast.

At 8:30:17 I finally found Versus HD and hit record. Stage 10 is being recorded as I type and I can now breathe again.

Imagine how fast my heartrate monitor was going this morning. Then laugh at me because it was probably a third of the speed the riders hearts get rolling when sprinting for the line.

The next three stages will end with either breakaways or sprint finishes.

And a prediction, while I’m being so talkative.

I believe that Team Atantà will experience a splintering in the next couple days. It might not be today, but it will happen by the end of stage 11.

Keep watching.