Best of the Web

October 19, 2008

A regular feature here on will be my quick jaunt around the Internet looking for interesting, informative and fun stuff.

Here’s what I found today…

Cake Wrecks – so much fun. A true time-waster that makes you wonder how many stupid people exist.

Bad Parking – I submit photos to this site occasionally because I am constantly wondering who is handing out licenses to the blind.

Chris Brogan – there are plenty of smart people around us and Chris is one. He’s prolific, insightful and creative. And we’re lucky to have him right here in the Northeast. If you get a chance to talk to him, introduce yourself and ask a few questions. Then open your mind and ears while he enlightens and entertains you. Smart people get high review marks.

Dvorak – John C. Dvorak has been writing columns on technology and business for years. But he still keeps a blog going and posts to it every day. Some of the stuff is inane. Some is smart. All of it is worth a quick look. – A site rich with info on the sport Americans love again now that Lance Armstrong has injected (bad verb use) himself back into the Tour de France for 2009. You can follow that journey at one of my other sites – – and you can read about all things cycling at Bicycling.

News of the Weird – Think our election system is disorganized and in need of an overhaul. Read this story.

Scam School – are you into podcasts? This one is worth a look. I’m not saying it’s as intelligent as Slate Magazine or NPR, but it’s unique and often fun.

Steve Garfield – Steve is another guy who finds a way to jam 61 hours of work into each 24-hour day. Last week he did breakfast in Boston, jetted up to NH to see Barak Obama, then got back in time to teach a class at BU and do his daily radio show. This link is of his Obama video.

That’s it for today. If you have ideas for Best of the Web on, leave them in the comments.