Blooming Buds – Fun, Basic Earbuds

November 24, 2008

Got an iPhone or iPod? Or even a Zune or iRiver? Then you need earbuds. Sure, your device came with a set, but after a while those get grungy and beat up. Why not replace the standard set of ‘buds with something that has a bit more personality?

That’s where BloomingBuds come in.

These new-to-market earbuds are nearly identical sound-wise and size-wize to the set that comes with your music player. But the fun part is that you can snap decorations into the back of the earpieces to give your headphones a different look.

At $15 or so, BloomingBuds have dozens of snap-ins in categories that are great for boys, girls, men and women. Take a look…

Here are some other designs you can get…

And here’s how they plug in, a simple hex snap keeps the inserts secure.

To learn more, go to These items make great stocking stuffers or fodder for under the Channuka Bush.