Boston Red Sox Green Team…a matter of convenience

June 2, 2010

Fenway Park Green Team

John Bergdoll (standing left of center) and the Boston Red Sox Green Team Volunteers from CEN/REBN (Clean Economy Network/Renewable Energy Business Network). We patrolled Fenway Park collecting recyclable bottles, plastic cups and containers during a spring Red Sox night game. It was a fun way to help out with community service, encourage environmental responsibility, reduce our environmental impact, raise awareness, and catch an exciting baseball game. Each green shirt was made from five recycled water bottles.

John Bergdoll as a Boston Red Sox Green Team Volunteer

Volunteering for the Boston Red Sox Green Team was a good opportunity for me to experience first-hand how eager people are willing to recycle when given the option. Some people even rushed their drinks so they could give me their plastics cups.

It was interesting to note how grateful and supportive all the fans were toward me for my recycling efforts of walking up and down the isles asking for plastic recyclables.

The Boston Red Sox Green Team was successful in collecting recyclables because it was a ready option and it was convenient. I did not, however, observe anybody holding on to their recyclables to dispose of them in the recycling bins underneath the stands.


People are very willing and interested in recycling when it’s convenient but less apt to recycle when it’s inconvenient.


Placing permanent recycling bins in the isles in place of a couple seats on each isle would be a visible and a convenient option. Public service announcements should also be made to encourage responsible disposal of all recyclables at the ballpark.

Recycling bins underneath the stands are inconvenient, and in my view, underused. Ignoring the convenience factor of fan behavior fosters a wasteful linear approach to our natural resources which is unsustainable in our planet of finite resources.

What are your thoughts?

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