Breakfast – the best mealtime of the day – Cutlets Edition

June 11, 2013

Writing a post about a meal is common in the world of travel and food blogging. Writing a post about a mealtime is a bit less so. But I’m a big fan of breakfast time and the meals that accompany this time of day. So, I figured I’d take a shot.

By the way, this post doesn’t present judgement on what types of food should be eaten at breakfast time. In the past – mostly high school and college – I was prone to eating lots of Italian food for breakfast. Who hasn’t had the leftover pizza slice to start the day?

The best way I’ve found to do these POV posts is by using Cutlets – a short list of thoughts that illustrate my point. Here’s my list of Cutlets supporting breakfast time.

Breakfast is when you get to start your engine. In my eyes it allows you to put down a food foundation for the rest of the day. Got nachos and hot wings coming up later? I suggest oatmeal or grits to start that foundation.

At breakfast you can read. I like to catch up on social media news, magazines, whitepapers and other information. Folks frown a little if you’re buried in a book during lunch. And you’ll get outright stares if you go to a fundraising dinner and bring along your copy of Wired Magazine. Just sayin’.

Breakfast is also when – if you happen to eat out a lot as I do – you can make new friends who become nodding acquaintances. You often see the same folks at the local breakfast joint. After a while you know their routine and they know yours. It’s similar to the info the NSA collects on us, but a little less ominous.

Finally, breakfast is a time where you can dress creatively for your meal. Want to keep on your housecoat (people call these robes), go right ahead. Think that pajama pants look good on you (they don’t), then go ahead and keep them on when you go out to eat. Abandoned all semblance of hair styling, breakfast is the meal that allows hats.

That’s all I’ve got on the blessed time that is breakfast. What are your thoughts on this great mealtime – or even on the foods you like to have to start your day?