Here Comes 2015 – Two Projects and a Wish

January 8, 2015

I looked back at the blogs here on the site (right before I had the CSS adjusted so you can actually READ the posts) and realized that my last excursion was to Pembroke in the first part of 2014. That’s crap. I need to focus more on events, travel, food and life. In fact, that statement isn’t true. I don’t NEED to focus on those things because I already do. What should really be on my plate is my wish to SHARE MORE of those things.


In 2014 – since the Orta meal – I went to no fewer than 12 restaurants, started no fewer than four projects related to food and experiences, and actually hosted the latest edition of the longest-running annual social media party in the universe.


You may have read about #NogUp over on the social media blog, but the other stuff didn’t get shared to the extent it warranted.

Quickly, these events/experiences/fun times included:

A concert at The Colonnade Hotel Rooftop Pool – the ONLY true rooftop pool in Boston


A visit to Gillette Stadium for a Miami Dolphins game


Random food in the rain at the New York State Fair in Syracuse



Nashville and the Excellence in Journalism Conference in September


A quick trip to Los Angeles to work on a Lincoln Motor event


Multiple Wegman’s visits (including a grand opening)

and a handful of other jaunts across this time zone and a few others. If I were better at writing them down, I’d have more specifics for you.

Oh, the new project for 2015 is BucketChat. I want to talk to YOU about the great things you’ve accomplished and then share that information on the BucketChat site and properties to inspire others to chase their dreams. These accomplishments don’t have to be travel or food related – they can be having a personal best at the gym, using cat fur to make a sweater, discovering that you really like acting on stage…anything that has been a goal that you have gone out and checked off your bucket list.

My wife is joining me in this project and there will be lots of news coming up. We’re even setting up a regular Twitter chat for #bucketchat where you can join in and share your thoughts, hopes, dreams and adventures.

That’s a lot in one post – but now we’re caught up. Look for more on a more regular basis this year. And reach out to me and share your thoughts. I love to hear from readers!