Corporate Interaction – TripAdvisor Gets It

October 23, 2008

While poking around the Internet and having discussions with a few potential clients about my role as a corporate blogger, I came upon an article about TripAdvisor.

The piece, see link above, practically shouts about the need for companies to be open and honest with their customers and uses TripAdvisor as a good example of companies that understand communication.

Be it with product descriptions, return policies or even management bios, the world is now chock full of tools that allow anyone to poke around and find out the most intimate details of anyone’s life and of any company’s product.

Don’t be the firm to make the mistake of trying to fool your customers. The house of cards could come tumbling down quicker than you can sign up for a Twitter account and say you’re sorry.

Oh, today’s review is just a simple nod in the direction of any company that’s doing things the right way. And a shake of my head to those companies that haven’t yet opened the conversation with their customers.