Food Fun with Pretzilla Buns

November 14, 2013

Going out to eat is one of my habits. Maybe it goes beyond habit and touches upon addiction. In fact, if I could blame my addictive dining out on neural activity in my brain’s orbitofrontal and anterior cingulate cortex, that would be fine with me.

Regardless, it’s news/blog-worthy when I do some cooking at home. Here are two recent instances in which I did just that. This time, with Pretzilla Buns and Bites.

First, a 1361-photo time-lapse video of my Pretzilla Bites snack. I only toasted up three of these delicious morsels, but the video is fun to watch and the pretzels were great.

Here’s that…

Next, I needed breakfast and instead of keeping the Canon 7D out for longer than was necessary, I only took a handful of photos. Here you can follow the progress via photos of my Pretzilla breakfast. Enjoy!

Pretzilla Mini Buns.

Two local eggs.


Best pan ever for eggs.

Toaster. I actually used broiler in the stove, but for larger buns you can use the toaster.

Buns, pre-slicing.

Perfectly sliced Pretzilla Mini Buns.


Bring on the fire! Heat is necessary to cook eggs.

Our butter bell.

Just a touch of butter to help the eggs.

Hot pan makes quick work of the eggs.

And in go the eggs.

I love this pan we got from my mum. Cooks perfectly.

Divided the eggs up equally, there was a bit of overlap.

Ready for eating!

The finished masterpiece.

*While I am a pretzel addict, I received no compensation other than product from the fine folks at Pretzilla. Same as any of my technology or cycling reviews, it’s impossible to give a product review without having those items on hand. Pretzilla was kind enough to send me some of their tasty buns.