Frosty Fridays at the Colonnade Hotel – Special Rate for a Great Room

January 28, 2014

Are you happy about the winter we’re having in Boston? Are you becoming a shut-in because you can’t bear the cold? If you’ve said ‘yes’ twice, it’s time to look for something to liven up – and warm up – your winter.

The folks at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston have just the thing. It’s called Frosty Fridays and until late March they run a promotion based on the local temperature as a driver for room rates. Specifically, if the temperature on Friday night at 5PM is zero degrees, you pay ZERO dollars for your Friday night stay. *The caveat is that you pay regular room rate for Saturday and there’s a two-night minimum stay.

But the deal is great as long as we’ve got cold weather in the region. I looked at the reservations page of the Colonnade site and found a few slots still open for coming weeks in February and March. Jump to it if you want to get in on this deal. It also includes two tickets to the Old Town Trolley or an admission and skating rentals at the Boston Common Frog Pond Skating Rink. Hot chocolate for two at Brasserie Jo. AND PARKING!

You can’t beat it for a deal. Especially when the rooms at the Colonnade are top-notch (I’ve stayed there, I know).

If you’ve got an idea for a quick feature on a hotel or restaurant, let me know in the comments. Hope to see you around town!