Fung Wah Bus Lines

November 12, 2008

Based on one trip to the Big Apple – and I’m writing this as the bus careers around bends and over bridges and generally avoids disaster by the tin of its teeth – I am not sure that I can recommend Fung Wah buses for anything more than barriers in a paintball game or as obstacles in a Jeep orienteering competition.

Just the fact that I’m writing this is proof that I want to get something down in electrons before I die. The bus keeps harring me from side to side and up and down and my typing looks like I keep smashing my face into the keyboard. Which will likely happen soon.

Further, the reason I can be so definitive about the Fung Wah experience is because I took a marvelous, gentle and safe trip to New York City on a competing bus line this morning.

MegaBus deposited me nicely at 31st Street with nary a scratch on my person and hardly a worry in my head.

I’m barely out of Manhattan on Fung Wah and I’m thinking I better FTP my entire hard drive to a safe site so that it doesn’t perish in the fireball that will certainly occur somewhere around Sturbridge.

What? Points? I can’t even give Fung Wah two stars out of five because I don’t know anyone that would pay $15 to be tortured for four hours – even if it meant saving a buttload of money on gas and transportation fees.

Just to be clear, I had to retype that last paragraph SEVEN TIMES because the bus was tossing me around like the boats in The Perfect Storm.

You decide if the tone or content of this message are hyperbole of if I’m just kidding around and Fung Wah has put the Fun back in Fung Wah.