Met Bar & Grill

November 29, 2009

Address: Legacy Place Plaza, Dedham, MA
Who Goes There: Local couples, teeny boppers & overall, people of a variety of ages
Special: Burger bar, custom made to order
Clearly the draw to this place was the burgers. The place is pretty spaced out so it never feels like you’re cramped for room. The waitstaff is pretty good. We had a great waiter who was on his game. There are a few TVs for the sports fans and there’s a relatively large bar space as well. Not the best date spot as it’s really loud and there’s no atmosphere.
Now let’s get to the food and drink.
Knowing we were going to get burgers, we started things off with a 2006 Cabernet which was amazing. It was the perfect compliment to the burgers. The bread they give you at the beginning is really hard. Probably the hardest bread I’ve ever had. Definitely not their selling point.
Their burger bar is pretty extensive. They have pre-selected combinations varying from the all-American burger to a French style burger. Then it’s the create your own where you can order pretty much anything your heart desires. I’m talking from a double Kobe burger with feta cheese, bacon, ranch dressing & Spanish onions to a simple salmon burger with horseradish sauce.
Food comes with lettuce, a tomato, a pickle and fries that aren’t bad at all.
Overall, the meal was really good. I don’t gjve ratings for restaurants but I will say that since this place is close to my house, I’ll be there again soon!
Thomas Edwards is @URWingman on Twitter and can be reached via his Website.