My first Morton’s Experience – WOW.

August 15, 2011

OK. I’m currently sitting at Morton’s Steakhouse in Boston’s Seaport District as part of our restaurant-week whirlwind, and I’m stunned. I ordered a bottle of Chimay after hearing about it from the bartender and was really excited to drink it.

It’s poured, it’s in front of me, and I am less than thrilled. I have a thing about hops. And while this beer was so great in aroma, it was really hoppy in its finish. Now, here’s the crazy and great part. When the bartender asked how I liked the beer I told him the truth. I said it was much too hoppy for me and he said, OK, what would you like?
Then he took the beer away and brought me a better beer. That is service, attention to detail and caring for your customer. I had even – before ordering the beer – made a joke about buying an oversized beer being a commitment if I hated it.
So, if you’re ever in Boston or any major city that has a Morton’s, go there. You will be pleased. I am.