Noble Barnes & Noble

October 24, 2008

One of the primary ingredients of are the media and magazine reviews. I read the endless supply of periodicals coming into my mailbox so you can make an informed decision on which ones to purchase and read.

Oddly, right after I finished my recent recap on The Atlantic, I found myself at Barnes & Noble purchasing a couple new magazines. My pea-sized brain wasn’t working too well and I promptly bought the newest Atlantic as well as a copy of Poets and Writers Magazine.

Today, as I was going out to interview some people for a newspaper article I ran into the mailman. We discussed the weather, raking leaves and the Red Sox. And then he handed my my mail. Right on top was the same issue of The Atlantic I bought last Friday.

Well, this isn’t a review of The Atlantic as I haven’t had time to read it and my periodical pile is about 15 deep right now. No, today’s review is just a collection of thumbs up for Barnes & Noble’s retail operation.

Their policy is to disallow any periodical returns. But when I spoke with the manager at the local B&N today, he agreed that common sense should prevail. He could see I hadn’t pawed the magazine and that it was still in salable condition.

He also saw that I had two more magazines in my hands ready for purchase.

Here’s to retail shops that don’t go nose cutting and face spiting just to maintain their policies.

The result of today’s exchange was a happier client (me) and more money toward Barnes & Noble’s bottom line because I bought one more magazine than I would have AND because I’m telling you guys about my good experience.

If you’ve got a good or bad customer service or retail purchasing experience, please share it here.