TasteChat for December 4 – Talking Tastes of the Holidays

December 4, 2012

Well, after a great #snackchat last week, I decided to change the name to #tastechat. Not because I don’t like snacks – they are the love of my life. But because snack denotes only one segment of the food and lifestyle discussion I wanted to establish on Twitter.

Now, with #TasteChat, we can talk about practically anything.

For example, today’s chat – Tuesday, December 4, 2012 – is going to be “Tastes of the Season.” We’re discussing decor and desserts and anything else that you’d like to share about holiday time and entertaining and food. So, join us later today – 12PM ET on Twitter. Use the #tastechat hashtag. And help me answer the following questions…

Q1 – #tastechat – What is your favorite decoration this time of year? Whay?

Q2 – #tastechat – What is the best food for bringing families together during the holidays?

Q3 – #tastechat – If you could pick one dessert – holiday themed – to have at every meal this season, what would it be?

We’ll also entertain your questions and have some fun.

See you at 12PM ET!