Tasted Menu (not a tasting menu) App and Site

March 22, 2012

We’ve all heard the phrase, “a rising tide lifts all boats”, right? Well, if not, it means that good prosperity in a certain industry or area helps everyone in that area. Seems to me as people are going out to eat again – especially with Boston Restaurant Week taking up two weeks and lots of places renovating their menus.

That means the food review and food application segment of media (and technology) is growing. To that end, I just became RE-aware of Tasted Menu. It’s a site that allows you to share your thoughts on dishes around the city. Currently available in Austin and Boston only, but with plans to grow. You can do your reviews online via the Web or via an iPhone app. I don’t know if they have Android covered, but that’s also likely in the works.

The reason I bring them up – and the maxim of the rising tide – is that it might seem as if there are tons of places to share your foodie rants and raves…


BostonFoodFan (I take guest reviews and requests from restaurants to come and review their menu)

Urban Spoon

Harvest to Hand


Veg Out

Eat St.



Open Table

and more.

And now there’s Tasted Menu. Do I think it’s destined for greatness? Like any app in this industry segment (or any segment) only time will tell. They did a cool little video to garner excitement. They were present at South by Southwest. And they reached out to me to try their service. I discovered that I had already signed up…but hadn’t yet used their app.

Maybe I’ll do so at dinner tonight. I’m visiting one of Boston’s well-known spots to test a Restaurant Week dinner.

What’s your take on all these apps? And better still, what’s on your plate?