The #SnackChat Era Begins! Join me each week on Twitter

November 26, 2012

This post is an intro to my next little project AND a preview of the first #snackchat on Twitter. I keep putting that little # before the word snackchat because that’s how you follow a topic on Twitter. And the topic of the day is Snack Chat…a weekly discussion on Twitter that has to do with food, restaurants, travel, beverages and most leisure things.

This week’s chat – Tuesday November 27 – is on the topic of TEA. That’s right, the little leaves you steep in warm or hot water. I’d do a coffee topic, but I have not checked to see if coffee fiends Mike Langford and Saul Colt are available to guest host with me.

Further, I think there are plenty of tea companies who might jump in with opinions including Bigelow, the English Twinings and the pretty standard Lipton. My friend Amy Langford likes Red Rose, but I don’t know if they’re active on Twitter.

So, on the topic of Tea, here are this week’s questions. We’ll do three a week (and the chat lasts an hour from 12PM ET to 1PM ET) and you can toss in your own questions during the chat at any time. Just be sure to share the #snackchat hashtag.

Q1 – #snackchat – People say tea has more caffeine than coffee. Can you clarify and put any misconceptions to rest?

Q2 – #snackchat – Does tea have curative properties to it? If so, what tea is best for curing illnesses?

Q3 – #snackchat – Do you have to be snooty and standoffish and British to properly drink tea?

That’s it. Three simple questions. We’ll attack these Tuesday at 12PM ET on Twitter.

Hope to see you then!