When looking for a beer at the Fair. Saranac serves up…customer service

August 31, 2011

To be equitable, this post really belongs over on my social media commentary and reporting site. While the topic is related to food – beer specifically – the real reason I’m banging away at the keys is because Matt Brewing and Saranac Beer seem to understand the current social business environment. When I poked at them because a beer stand at the NY State Fair had a staffing issue, the powers that be offered up customer service instead of burying their heads in the sand.

Allow me to paint a picture for you…

The NY State Fair; lots of walking; warm sun; hoardes of people; a Saranac beverage stand with one section for soda and another for beer; a thirsty traveler who thinks he’s reached Nirvana.

No sir. It turns out that the woman working the dual beverage area was short staffed and didn’t feel it was prudent to open up the beer side as it might cause a rush of people and severely impact her ability to assist customers. She was probably right, but in the heat of the moment (and the day), I tweeted out…

What do you think happened next? No, I didn’t whine and cry or beg. I found another stand and got myself a fine adult beverage. Actually what happened next was a representative of Saranac contacted me. Really.

Ryan, who works for Romanelli Communications, sent me an email apologizing for the situation and offering to send me some cool Saranac schwag and make it possible for me to sample a fine Saranac beverage. What do you make of that?

Here’s my take – I welcome yours.

1 – Saranac and Matt Brewing had good sense or counsel in hiring someone to assist them with their social communication.

2 – I now have newfound admiration and respect for the brewery and the people who run it.

3 – Just the act of reaching out to me was plenty, but the offer of goodies engenders even more of my affinity.

4 – I wish all companies would realize that a customer remark, complaint or even suggestion is a great starting point for social communication and brand building.

Yay, Saranac. Thanks for listening.